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VIDEO: Mandela Day Hampers Inspire Singing

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“Thank you father, Thank you father

For our food, For our food

Many many blessings, Many many blessings

Amen, Amen”

This was the song sung by the children at one of our agencies, Singalong Sandi Educare, once they had unpacked boxes of food from a hamper packing event; all in the spirit of Mandela Day 2012.

For their 67 minutes of service on Mandela Day, Woolworths held a hamper packing event where they had 67 employees packing donated products into hampers, for 67 minutes. Armed with two rows of tables spanning the entire length of the room, thousands of Woolworths-quality products and a room full of excited employees, two hamper packing lines were developed. With the efficiency of a well-oiled machine and the enthusiasm of the staff, 540 hampers were boxed with an additional 238 litres of fruit juice, and eight boxes of soup, donated. Each box, sealed with a Woolworths Trust smile, provided enough nutritious food to feed at least five children for a week.

NomaxabisoChildren at Nomaxabiso Day Care for Able and Disabled Children

The children at Nomaxabiso Day Care were equally excited about the food they received.  People ask themselves “How bad can things really be?” See the answer to this question when you see a child open a box of food with the same excitement average kids experience opening birthday presents.

FoodBank SA, with essential partners such as Woolworths, can bring happiness and joy to so many hungry South Africans.






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